Joso & family, California USA (Sept, 2007)

Thank you for your service and the very nice ride into Dubrovnik. You do a very nice job and I will make sure that every one I know who may come to see your beautiful country will call on you for a Dubrovnik experience. We all talked about how closely you resembled Mathew, and it makes you realize that we really are Croatian. We did not need your services again because family took care of everything after you left us, and we had a great time in your city, but I will call you again, because I will return. It was very nice to meet you and good luck in all that you do in the future. If you ever come to California, please write me and I will pick you up and show you our beautiful country. Thank you again for your help,
Joso Mardesich, { Radich} and family. (Sept, 2007)