Stephanie & Blake, Minesota USA (Sept, 2019)

The wines were very good and we really enjoyed the conversation. READ MORE

Kristin and Rob, Wisconsin USA (Sept, 2019)

We made it home safely on Saturday. Now back to reality. 🙂 READ MORE

Diane, New York USA (Sept, 2019)

Just to let you know that we had a great day with Jake READ MORE

Stefanie & Randy, Washington USA (July, 2019)

Thank you so much for leading us on two wonderfully informative tours. READ MORE

Kristen, Texas USA (June, 2019)

We are departing Dubrovnik today, as you know. I just wanted to take the READ MORE

Catherine & Miller, Illinois USA (May, 2019)

just wanted to write and thank you again for the wonderful day trip READ MORE

Larry, Illions USA (May, 2019)

I am so grateful for your guidance during our time in Croatia and READ MORE

Kristine, Michigan USA (October, 2018)

Ann and I thoroughly enjoyed our time in Croatia and felt very fortunate READ MORE

Ann, Florida USA (October, 2018)

I hope this email finds you and yours well. READ MORE

Tanya, Victoria Australia (October, 2018)

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Bozo for taking us to Split and back. READ MORE

Ed and Chantal, California USA (Sept, 2018) 

Just wanted to thank you again for a great day in Kotor and Cavtat. READ MORE

Ros and Russell, Victoria AUSTRALIA (Sept, 2018)

Russell and I would like to let you know that our 2 days with you were fantastic. READ MORE

Tom, Wisconsin USA (August, 2018)

It’s been a busy couple of days, but I wanted to say thank you for
our day on Thursday.  READ MORE

Sharon, Texas USA (August, 2018)

thank you so much for a wonderful day in Dubrovnik. READ MORE

Dan & Anna, North Carolina USA (June, 2018)

Anna and I enjoyed our tours with you to Montenegro and Mostar immensely.  READ MORE

Amanda, Wahington DC USA (May, 2018)

Thank you again for our tour last week of the Peljesac peninsula.  READ MORE

Warren and Carol, California USA (May, 2018)

Thanks for such a wonderful day. READ MORE

Mile and Francisco, ARGENTINA (March, 2017)

Even though I did not like Mostar going with you and knowing a lot of
other places was incredible. READ MORE

Jonathan and Lise, DC USA (October,2017)

Thanks for a wonderful and tremendously educating two days. READ MORE

Jill & Nicole, Rhode Island USA (October,2017)

We had a wonderful time and loved traveling with you. Bosnia and the Coast of Croatia were beautiful. READ MORE

Mary and Dean, Minnesota USA (August,2017)

What a joy it was to spend the day with you! Spending time with people who are willing to share about themselves and their country is the most meaningful part of travel for us. READ MORE

Cassidy, Pennsylvania USA (June,2017)

We just got home and wanted to thank you again for your time. It was one of the highlights of our trip and learned a tremendous amount. READ MORE

Linda, New York USA (Sept.,2016)

Thank you for a most interesting tour last week. All of us, John and Angela, Don, Stephen and myself enjoyed our outings with you and our Mostar guide. READ MORE

Les, Miami USA (Sept,2016)

It was great to meet you and learn about your country and people. We
had an expectation about Croatia and you really surpassed that and

Patty, Colorado USA (Sept,2016)

I wanted to write and thank you for getting our time in Dubrovnik off to such a great start. Our drive yesterday was both informative and entertaining and lunch was terrific. READ MORE

Nikki and George, Idaho USA (August,2016)

Wow, we had the most amazing time on our tour with you! We want to thank YOU. You are a wealth of knowledge and we loved your openness to talk about anything. READ MORE

Leif, Alberta CANADA (August,2016)

I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic tour. Both Becky and I had a wonderful day. We truly enjoyed our tour of the old city with Tonka and the way she explained it made it come alive. READ MORE

Barbara, California USA (July,2016)

We arrived in Split this afternoon and just finished a wonderful dinner at restaurant which you have recommended. Thank you for the recommendation and also for yesterday. READ MORE

Sarah, Jasmine & Pauline, Hong Kong (Sept,2015)

Just want to say thank you for the wondering time we had with you!!! Would love to stay longer if we have had more time. READ MORE

Sunita, New York USA (Sept,2015)

just want to say thank you again for such a wonderful experience – our day was way too short. READ MORE

Debbie, Colorado USA (Sept,2015)

Nik was great! He stopped several times to show us places/things and for the wine tour & tasting and some oysters! READ MORE

Tom, Hamburg GERMANY (Sept,2015)

We thoroughly enjoyed our time and what you taught us about your country and history. READ MORE

Amado, Minesota USA (Sept,2015)

I hope this e-mail finds you and your family well.
Marie and I made it back to Minnesota reluctantly. We had a great time in Croatia and can’t wait to go back.
You were a big part in making it a great trip. READ MORE

Leigh, New York USA (July,2015)

A group of 3 of us did the day wine tour and we had a fabulous time.
Petar arrived right on time and guided us on what turned out to a perfect day. He was extremely professional but also very personable and friendly. He was also very knowledgeable on the history of the area. READ MORE

Lori & Pat, Oregon USA (July,2015)

Thank you so much for the wonderful help driving us around, gaining us quick border crossings, teaching us much history, and being so very accommodating. We enjoyed every minute in Croatia and enjoyed the best hospitality of our trip here in Dubrovnik. READ MORE

Karen, Diane & Cindy, Nebraska USA (May,2015)

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour of Montenegro and the Cilipi Countryside tour. We enjoyed meeting both you and Vic and learning more about the culture and history of the area. READ MORE

Greg and Deb, California USA (May,2015)

We too want to thank you for making our first exposure to Croatia and surrounding countries so memorable. Truly a great experience. READ MORE

Elizabeth, Iowa USA (March,2015)

We are home now and we are having freezing rain and snow. 🙁
Thanks so much for making our trip to Montenegro great. We learned so much from you and enjoyed seeing your beautiful part of the country. READ MORE

Joanne, Halifax CANADA (October, 2014)

We are back in Canada and wanted to extend out thanks to you and the gentlemen you organized to assist us during our visit to Dubrovnik. READ MORE

Laura, Connecticut USA (Sept, 2014)

On behalf of all of us, but especially me since I am the one who did all the arrangements, I want to thank you for everything you did for us during our Croatia vacation. READ MORE

Alan, Long Eaton England (Sept, 2014)

thanks very much for the tours we both enjoyed them. READ MORE

Bonnie & Doug, Texas USA , (July, 2014)

We want to thank you again for the wonderful day we spent with you traveling through the Peljesac Peninsula . You have a beautiful country, of which you are justifiably proud. READ MORE

Robert and Linda, California USA (May, 2014)

I’ve been wanting to send you a note all week to thank you for the tour of Ston and Mali Ston last Friday May 9 while we were staying in Dubrovnik. READ MORE

Debbie & Gene, California USA (April, 2014)

We have finally returned home from our Adriatic adventure. We met a lot of people along the way, but we want you to know, as our first introduction to Croatia, READ MORE

Elisabeth, Antwerpen Belgium (April, 2014)

I would like to thank you again for the nice time we spent in Dubrovnik ! The four tours we booked with you were all very interesting; you gave us so much information about your country and culture (even football…). READ MORE

Ania & Luke, Melbourne Australia (March, 2014)

we have just arrived in Sarajevo after spending an hour in the peak hour traffic which was diverted by police due to protests only about 300m from the hotel! (Miro handled the situation really well, by the way). READ MORE

Sharon, California USA (March, 2014)

I truly enjoyed everything about the drive and scenery to Dubrovnik.
However the most enjoyable aspect of the trip was learning so much about many subjects from you. READ MORE

Sarah, Washington DC – USA (October, 2013)

Thanks for going above and beyond to make our stay in Croatia a very personal and memorable experience. I’ve come to know and appreciate more about your country than I thought possible. READ MORE

Carolyn, Louisiana USA (October, 2013)

we all send greetings to you and your family. We greatly enjoyed our time with you as you showed us Dubrovnik. READ MORE

Kim, San Francisco California (October, 2013)

Thank you again Petar for taking great care of us and for being such wonderful company! We loved every minute of our time and tours in Croatia. READ MORE

Jennifer, Melbourne Australia (April, 2013)

just a quick note to say hello, and let you know that we are now back in Melbourne – arrived early yesterday morning. READ MORE

Lori, California USA (October, 2012)

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our tour with you last October. You were so wonderful to be with and we enjoyed our day so much with you. READ MORE

Debbie, Connecticut USA (Sept. 2012)

I wanted to thank you again for the lovely tour you provided my husband and I. We thoroughly enjoyed the day with you and were very appreciative of all of the advise you offered us. READ MORE

Stacey, California USA (Sept, 2012)

Thank you SO much for a wonderful time wine tasting! READ MORE

Polly and Peter, Bolton ENGLAND (August, 2012)

We’d just like to thank you once again for your attention to detail, courtesy and a very informative afternoon tour, READ MORE

Barb and AJ, Pennsylvania USA ( August, 2012 )

Thanks to you and Tom for the great tour yesterday! It was so informative and enjoyable!

Justin, Jen, Katie & Jay, Wash. – Oregon USA ( 2012, July)

Hope this email finds you well. We wanted to take some time and just express our gratitude for the exceptional experiences we had with you as our guide for 3 days on our vacation. READ MORE

Al, Florida USA ( July, 2012 )

Hello from America !!!

We very much enjoyed our tour with you. We didn’t know what to expect of Croatia before arriving, READ MORE

Elissa, California USA (June, 2012)

Thank you, again, for a wonderful and fun day. We loved being with you.

Ron and Rhonda, Texas USA (May, 2012)

Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our time with you and Tom on our tour of your wonderful City. READ MORE

Carol, Sydney Australia (February, 2012)

I would just like to thank you for giving me the most special day on a tour to Montenegro February 2012.


Sue, California USA (Nov, 2011)

We arrived home yesterday from our wonderful European cruises.
Thank you again for showing us your beautiful country. Our group really enjoyed our tour with you.

Sue, California USA (Nov, 2011)

Alan & Annette, Indiana USA (October, 2011)

We would like to thank you for a wonderful day. Your knowledge and passion of your country was very evident throughout the day. READ MORE

Richard & Lesley, Brisbane Australia (October, 2011)

Lesley and I hope you are well.

We arrived home in Brisbane yesterday morning, and are still tired. But the holiday was great.

Dennis & LaVerne, California USA (October, 2011)

Now in Greece – and – simply to say, THANK YOU … LaVerne and I had a wonderful time visiting both Dubrovnik and Croatia with you. READ MORE

Cathy, Philadelphia USA (Sept, 2011)

Thank you for a wonderful day, we all enjoyed everything, even the rain. READ MORE

Sherry & Robyn, Florida USA (Sept, 2011)

Robyn and I enjoyed our day with you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful country with us.

Leslie, Washington USA (Sept, 2011)

Photo sent from our guest. READ MORE

Heide & Dan, Arizona USA (May, 2011)

Heide and I are back in Arizona , missing your beautiful country of Croatia . READ MORE

Rosemary & Alicia, California USA (April,2011)

Hi Petar,

Just a note to let you know that we arrived back in the US without any delay or problems.
Thank you again for your fine driving and giving us a tour of your beautiful area.
We hope to return again.

Darren, Seattle USA (April, 2011)

I’m now back in Seattle and wanted to thank you for your warm hospitality during my visit to Croatia a few weeks ago. READ MORE

Jared, Pennsylvania USA ( November, 2010)

On behalf of my family, I would like to say a huge thank you to Petar and Tom for the fantastic tour of Dubrovnik you provided to us. Both of them were an absolute delight and could not have done more for us. READ MORE

Gretchen, Michigan USA (October, 2010)

I am back home in Michigan after a wonderful trip to Croatia.
Thank you, Peter, for showing our group some very memorable sights and experiences. READ MORE

Guneri, Ankara – Turkey (October, 2010)

It was really a pleasure to meet with you during our READ MORE

Lynne, Michigan USA (October, 2010)

Our time with you was perfect. We not only saw the beautiful countryside, READ MORE

Nick & Sonia with familly, Alberta CANADA (July, 2010)

We have arrived back in Edmonton, Alberta Canada with wonderful memories that we will never forget.

James, CANADA (July, 2010)

We are back home in Canada, READ MORE

Robert, Colorado USA (MAY, 2010)

We really did enjoy our tour with you and our visit to Croatia. You have a
very pretty and wonderful country. READ MORE

Barbara, Indiana USA (May, 2010)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful experience in Croatia…We both really enjoyed our time with you…We got our pictures back…many great ones….and many of red roofs in Dubrovnik.

Joel & Jean, Washington USA (Sept, 2009)

Jean & I returned home safely Sunday after good trip with smooth
connections. READ MORE

Rob, Linda, Philippa & Matthew, England (Sep. 2009)

Thank you again for all your help during our visit to your wonderful country. READ MORE

Lorin & Jim, Florida USA (June, 2009)

We apologize for taking so long to email you and thank you for the great day in Montenegro. READ MORE

Jayne, California USA (July, 2009)

I just want to thank you again for such an incredible and easy trip. READ MORE

Barbara & Ray, New York ( June, 2009)

we finally got settled in the u.s.a. READ MORE

Heath & Betsy, USA ( May, 2009)

Betsy and I wanted to thank you for everything you did to make our trip to Croatia such a great experience. READ MORE

Marilyn & Chuck, USA (April, 2009)

We just want to thank you again for being such a great guide. READ MORE

Gayla & Duke, Colorado USA (April, 2009)

I cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of us last week in Croatia. READ MORE

Judy & Grant, Washington USA (October, 2008)

Things have been busy since we returned from our Croatia/Slovenia trip and I
am finally getting a note off to you. READ MORE

Jeff & Joey, California USA (Sept, 2008)

It’s been a few weeks since we returned back to California (near San Pedro), READ MORE

Suzanne, California USA (October, 2008)

Thanks again for a great day trip to Mostar and stops along the way. READ MORE

Carla, Florida USA (June, 2008)

We returned home yesterday, and I just wanted to write to you and tell you thank you again for your services. READ MORE

Ellen, New York USA (July, 2008)

Meeting you was the best part of our trip to Croatia! READ MORE

Steve, Barbara, Jean & Alan, Manchester ENGLAND (June, 2008)

We are now back in the wet UK.
We would like to thank you so much for making our trip to your wonderful country READ MORE

Marie, Florida USA (October, 2007)

Hello! I just got back from vacations and back to reality. I will like to thank you and Florio for the great tour that you gave us when we were in Dubrovnik. READ MORE

Joso & family, California USA (Sept, 2007)

Thank you for your service and the very nice ride into Dubrovnik. READ MORE

RICHARD & SHARLENE New York City USA (June 2007)

“I believe many Westerners are not thoroughly familiar with Croatia and its neighbors. READ MORE

MARSHALL, Ontario CANADA (June, 2007)

I can’t say enough about the tours you arranged. We had just a wonderful day with Petar on the tour through the wine country from Korcula to Dubrovnik. READ MORE

Tony & Connie, California USA (May, 2007)

We miss Dubrovnik. We LOVE your city! READ MORE

Charlie & Amber, Oklahoma USA (October, 2006)

We very much enjoyed the day we spent touring with you. READ MORE

Linda, Vancouver CANADA (Sept, 2006)

we have all arrived safely back in Vancouver after a wonderful trip. READ MORE

Fiona, Mark, Hilary & Emmna, Vancouver CANADA (August, 2006)

Attached are a couple of photos of our time with you the day before leaving Dubrovnik. Thank you so much for that. READ MORE